Download the tarball on this project's download page and unpack it. You have the choice of using the GTK (download Relations_Version_gtk.x86.tgz) or the motif (download Relations_Version_motif.x86.tgz) widget system.

After extracting the tarball, run the Relations executable.


To remove the application, delete the Relations directory created when you extracted the tarball. This will remove the executable and all files needed to run the application.

Note: The application will create a workspace directory in the home directory in your file system. This workspace directory contains the sub-directories data and index. The first is used by the embedded databases for storing the information you create. The second contains the indexing data needed by the application full text search index.

If you delete the data directory, you will loose all information you created with Relations. Therefore, you have to backup your embedded database or export the data if you want to use this data with another Relations installation.

If you delete the index directory, you'll have to reindex the database if you decide to work further with the dataset.